Terms and Conditions

Items should expect to fetch £50.00+
Games/DVD's/Multiple low value items will be in bundles of no less than 20 or £50 expected value.

(Payment for games/dvd's/low value item/s will be made after multiples of 10 or £25.00 are sold.)

All listings will be by our design and marketed at our descretion (with your best chance of highest value sale in mind of course.)

Packaging materials will be provided but a small charge may be added for large electrical equipment not being collected by the buyer.
In the unlikley event of no sale we will only charge you a listing fee/s (Fees based on your choice of selling attempts. Proof of fee/s provided from ebay), which will be payable via cash, credit/debit card, paypal or cheque. Goods will be returned after listing fees are cleared.
All items attempted for sale must be allowed on ebay.

All Fee's will be deducted automatically before payment is made, proof of fees will be provided by ebay/SellStuff4Me.

Payments will be made using the following methods, PayPal, Cash, Cheque Bank Transfer No Chex or pppay. We will initiate your preffered method ASAP after payment from buyer has been received and cleared.

Constant contact system may on occassion be an automated message service but all contact will be answered within 24 hours by person guaranteed.

*** Important Notice ***

eBay auctions are a legally binding contract between the seller and the buyer. If your auction ends with a highest bidder you must complete the sale, even if your item does not reach your desired value.


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